Personalised USB drive, a perfect gift

mixed flash drive gift

Are you looking for a gift for someone special?

Look at these personalised usb cases. They are all 3D printed, made with a state-of-the-art technology.

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Are you curious, how are personalised usb cases are made?

We can tell you that, because we have a patented design 🙂

The story began 5 years ago. We were wholesaling flash drives. Thousands of memory sticks were procured according to our customers’ needs. They were mainly USBs with special shapes or flash drives with logos. Procurement was worldwide, but sales were mainly in Hungary. Very soon we become a leading usb memory company in Hungary. One of the top 5. This company is called PendriveGuru Ltd.

How business grew more and more customre started to ask if we can serve him only with one single personalised usb. He wants only 1 piece with a very unique shape. We did want to satisfie the customers and started to think about how to serve these customers who want no minimum order quantity. (This time the minimum order quantity at PendriveGuru was 25 pieces.)
Then a sudden idea came: 3D printing, this state-of-the-art technology can help. We can 3D print even one single personalised usb case and customers do not have to pay for the expensive molding and factory production.

We bought a 3D printer and started to make experiments. Soon 3 good 3D designs were born from letter cases and this website has been made where you can customize your own flash drive or key ring. The first part of this video also shows how the editor works.

So have a nice time here and we hope you will find what you are looking for!

Read what our satisfied customers are saying

satisfied customer
    “Despite the short deadline I received this beautiful usb in time. Thank you very much!” – S. Judit

    “It looks better, then I thought it would.” – D. Agnes

    “I’m satisfied with the precision of the 3D print. I didn’t think I would receive it so quickly. Thank you for calling me, when there was as issue with my order. That was a very positive experience. :)” – H. Vendel

Your personalised usb and a story to tell…

And the day has arrived. This is the moment you have been waiting for. You’ve prepared so much. You want a big surprise, to give something joyful, cute, outstanding. Relatives and friends are there. Flowers, chocolates and greeting cards.

And now…It is your turn. The time of your gift. You raise your hand holding the present for this meaningful occasion.

The pocket opens up and yes….a happy smile on that face speaks volumes about your choice of gift.

“This is Fantastic! Thank you. I’ve never seen such flash drive before. And this is my name, Wow! Where did you get it?”

And everybody watches curiously. What is in the box what made that happy smile. It is cute, indeed. A gift which will be used for a long time, says that you care and love.
personalised gift